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We provide close protection in a superior way. Our services set the standards all the others have not reached yet.

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Our security service provides a group of professional bodyguards very specialized and extremely discreet. We protect not only you as a person, but also your privacy. Our security guards work both armed and unarmed and can assure close protection from dangers or meeting indiscreet people. They do not fear chaotic or stressful situations, as they are trained to work surrounded by disturbances.


Our range of services includes the possibility to rent a Limousine with driver. This service is offered to people who want to travel comfortably either for long and short journeys. The driver is trained in the security field so, besides the car that is normally armed, also the person who is driving you around is able to protect the passengers. We can offer the following models of car: Mercedes Class S

Luxury Car Rental

Besides the Limousine, we can offer a variety of many other cars, both armed and unarmed, to drive you around. Our luxury cars come with the driver, who is a security guard trained to protect you in case you need it. The service can be requested together with a body guard group to travel with you and escort you wherever you need.

Water Taxi

Maybe the most peculiar of our services, the water taxi is a special means to drive you around in Venice. It does not have any difference from a road taxi, except that it is a boat, not just a car. It is not normally armed, but you can request a group of guards to come with it to pick you up at the airport. You will then be escorted directly to the place you are staying, getting the chance to enjoy the Lagoon from another point of view.

Yacht with Crew

To better enjoy the Venetian summer, we offer a service of yacht with crew. You will have the chance to spend some time on the sea safely accompanied by security guards that can watch around, and intervene if their help is needed. Guards are normally armed, they come in a group of 2 to 5 people and have experience in the field of open space protection. Yachts can be used to sail around, or to host parties and institutional events.

Private Jet

Besides all ground and water services, One Secure can guarantee a service of private jet. The vehicles we use are small, as Venice is not exactly the best place to land, but they are comfortable and furnished with everything our Clients can ask. Jets have their own private trained pilot, and a supplemental crew can be requested.


Our Helitaxi service is indeed a taxi that carries you from the airport to Venice. The difference is of course the means of transport and the time, much shorter if you fly instead of sailing. Helitaxis can be booked with a pilot or together with a group of bodyguards, depending on your needs and the way you feel safer. Our pilots are very well trained, and a journey with them can give an enjoyable view of the Lagoon from the sky.

Hostess Service

Qualified hostess and steward for events.

Not Just Security

For 12 years One Secure takes care of security at the International Film Festival which takes place at the Venice Lido.

Since 2000 One Secure takes care of security at the International Film Festival which takes place at the Venice Lido.




WorldOne Secure bodyguards are both active in Italy and Worldwide, depending on the requests of the Clients.
We have been working for the International Film Festival in Venice, we have protected a lot of actors during their shooting in the city and we have even travelled to Africa.
We are extremely proud of the results obtained in Italy, but mostly we are proud of our experiences abroad, where obstacles like culture or language have been successfully overcome and turned into enrichment for the team members and the Company.
We would like any Client to feel free to ask anything he or she needs, whether he is coming to Venice or anywhere else.









































































































































































































































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